Goals and objectives

Our overall goal is to improve animal welfare by developing, integrating and disseminating information about animal welfare indicators.

We will have a special emphasis on the recognition and assessment of pain, as pain is an area that is frequently lacking from many animal welfare assessments and yet is often key when animal welfare problems arise.

Our research objectives to be carried out in our Workpackages (WP1, WP2, WP3) will focus on species that, although commercially relevant world-wide, have so far been overlooked in animal welfare assessments. These species are sheep, goats, horses, donkeys and turkeys.



Our education, training and outreach objectives to be carried out by workpackage 4 (WP4) through the Global HUB for animal welfare science will focus on mapping, producing and disseminating learning resources in all areas of animal welfare science.

  • We aim to produce a reliable, comprehensive and up to date repository of animal welfare courses world wide.
  • We will produce a series of 'learning objects' based on the research from the AWIN project and other areas of animal welfare research. These will be accessible for  free and be suitable for a range of learners from school children to farmers to veterinary students.
  • We believe that animal welfare education should be available to all and that openness ultimately will have the greatest impact on animal welfare
  • We believe that evidence-based research provides a sound basis for learning.
  • We believe that animal welfare education resources should be fun, active and interactive