Overall Organization

Our project will blend animal welfare research and education in a unique way. Every area of research feeds into both further research and education materials. The education work package will provide training and resources for the research work packages. AWIN is truly a collaborative and sharing environment.

Work package 1

The overall objective is to develop animal welfare assessment protocols, including pain assessment protocols, for sheep, goats, horses, donkeys and turkeys by:

  • Developing an early-warning system of welfare problems
  • Developing a prototype welfare assessment protocol for each of the following species: sheep, goats, horses, donkeys and turkeys
  • Assessing the practical on-farm feasibility of the welfare assessment protocols
  • Presenting welfare assessment protocols to stakeholders

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Work package 2

The overall goal of this work package is to study the impact of diseases and pain on animal welfare by:

  • Assessing attitudes and knowledge towards pain and diseases in donkeys, goats, horses, sheep and turkeys
  • Investigating the welfare consequences of foot-rot and other causes of lameness in sheep and goats
  • Assessing the welfare consequences of laminitis in horses
  • Assessing the welfare consequences of mastitis and pregnancy toxaemia in sheep and goats
  • Studying the acceptability and limitations of pain alleviation protocols used on farm management procedures

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Work package 3

To examine how different prenatal social environments, social dynamics and prenatal handling methods affect the development and welfare of the offspring in sheep, goats and horses by:

  • Studying the impact of group size and animal density during pregnancy on behaviour and welfare of the mothers and offspring.
  • Characterising the impact of positive and negative handling during pregnancy on offspring development and welfare in sheep and goats.
  • Studying the impact of common situations or events affecting social environment during pregnancy in domestic horses on behaviour and welfare of the mothers and offspring.
  • Studying the effects of farm management and housing conditions during pregnancy in domestic horses on health and welfare of the mothers and offspring.

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Work package 4

Our overall aim is to create a global hub for research and education in animal welfare that will integrate past, present and future research and teaching materials by:

  • Developing a website and a database with the goal of integrating animal welfare information from different institutions that is useful and easy to access by students, professionals and others end-users.
  • Providing information for specialised teaching programmes on animal welfare including material on the welfare consequences of disease and pain assessment in farm and domestic animals.
  • Developing a collection of "learning objects" available to interested parties including professionals in the animal industry.
  • Offering an outstanding research training environment for post graduate teaching in animal welfare in each of the different institutions taking part in this consortium.

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